Thunderstorms during the week enough to make you cower under your computer?  Don’t fret. Outlook for the weekend is blue skies and sunny. And luckily, we have a few special events planned for this month and would love to be welcoming you on board.

Because we know some of you enjoy the thriving night life of Hong Kong, and others enjoy a more chilled out sailing, while listening to some cruisy tunes and soaking up the sun, we have two equally exciting events for you to choose from.

Our Recovery Sessions will be setting sail on Sunday the 21st of June, just in time to catch the sun this weekend. Hang out with some mates as you all take in the chill side of Island life. And after a bit of recuperation, our Beauty & the Geek themed junk is setting sail on the 26th to ease you back in to the swing of socializing.

So whether you’re setting out to recharge your batteries before another bustling week or you’re looking for a unique night meeting a new friend or two, we’ve got just what you need. For bookings, check us out online.