Hong Kong Junks offered wine tasting evening with Steve Flamsteed

In June every year Altaya Wines have 7 visiting winemakers from across the globe in Hong Kong to present and promote their Pinot Noir. Each evening we organise events tailored to the individual brands we work with. Normally we host these events at restaurants and bars, however, on mentioning that we had a winemaker available, Daithi, the co-owner of Hong Kong Junks, was filled with enthusiasm at having a wine tasting on one of his company’s junks.

The chosen winery was Innocent Bystander from Yarra Valley in Australia. This is a very dynamic, innovative and trendy winery and we thought the image perfectly matched that of Hong Kong Junks. Innocent Bystander also have a great party wine ‘pink moscato’ which is slightly fizzy, sweet, pink and low in alcohol, perfect to get you in the party mood.

From the very beginning Daithi assured us that he would look after everything leaving us very little to organise, which was a total relief! After spending 3 intense days hosting events and meeting clients it was such a pleasure to pull out of the dock in the early evening, and for our visitors to see the city lights at night and really feel like we were all escaping!

We set off for our destination: Repulse Bay, and everyone gathered on the roof of the junk for a casual beer and debrief. On arrival at Repulse Bay we headed downstairs to begin our tasting. In the run up to the event I was concerned it might rain. We did the tasting under an awning downstairs and afterwards served canapés of mini burgers, satay chicken skewers and yummy risotto balls which were complimented nicely by the fabulous Australian Wine ranging from Sauvignon Blanc to Pinot Noir. Steve who spoke briefly about each wine individually really caught the attention of some of the guests on board. For the journey back we all grabbed a big glass of wine and headed up to the deck to enjoy the ride home. When we got outside we saw it had rained and it had made no difference to our event!

Often people think of wine tastings as very formal events, the winemaker, Steve Flamsteed, and I really enjoyed the informal and relaxed atmosphere Daithi and the crew created for everyone on board. Needless to say, the guests really enjoyed not just the wine tasting but the whole vibe created by Steve, Daithi & the Hong Kong Junks crew.

The feedback we received was excellent and we had requests from our other winemakers to host more tastings with Daithi on his junks.

Thanks to Daithi, Niamh & the Hong Kong Junks team for making the night such a great success!


Michelle Lawlor of Altaya Wines and Steve Flamsteed of Innocent Bystander.