Hong Kong Junks donates to Ora Events Kiwi Ball

From the outset the main objective of the Kiwi Ball in Hong Kong was to create an opportunity for expat New Zealanders (and friends) to get together and celebrate all that we love and miss about New Zealand – food, drinks, music and culture – all wrapped up in a fun (and not too formal) annual event.  We certainly feel that we have achieved this objective in year one and we are looking forward to more success in subsequent years.

Photos of the 2012 event will be available on our website (www.ora-events.hk) early in July, so please do check if there are any photo’s that you require for promotional purposes.

Whilst fundraising is not the primary focus of the Kiwi Ball concept, we have recognised that the ball provides us with a platform each year to select and support a cause that resonates with expat New Zealanders in Hong Kong.  As you know, this year, for our inaugural Kiwi Ball, we have been very proud to work with AdoptAChristchurchFamily.com.

A true presence of Kiwi spirit was felt on the night of the Kiwi Ball by both the New Zealand and international contingent. The generosity of the local and Kiwi prize donors who supported your wonderful cause via our balloon burst and our ballot auction enhanced this spirit. Kila & Hong Kong Junks was certainly no exception! We have been truly humbled by your generosity and subsequently by that of our guests on the night.

Due to this, I am thrilled to say that funds raised exceeded our expectations. The total amount raised at the event is HK$153,298 which is approx. NZ$24,809.13! The Junk hire alone raised us a fantastic and top auction bid of $17,500 and was bid by Stan & Cherie Christian.

Thank you again for all your support in helping us to make this happen Daithi. Your generosity and ease of dealings have been hugely appreciated.

Warmest regards

Ana Crawford, Katrina Williams and Roimata Harmon 
ORA Events, Hong Kong