Frequently Asked Questions?

How many staff will be on the Junk with us?

Depending on the size of your party, we may have up to 4 staff on board including the Captain of the Junk, ensuring that we can deal with any of your requests.

What is your on Board Safety Record?

To date we have not had a single injury or problem with one of our customers or Junk Boats. That doesn’t mean we are complacent as our team are highly trained in both regards to deal with any situation that might occur.


Are we able to connect an Ipod/Ipad/Iphone to the onboard speakers?

Yes, we have an AUX lead that is able to connect to all of these electronic devices.


What are the pick up/drop off options and time?

Pick up is at 11am from Aberdeen and returning at 6pm.


When we rent boat only does the junk have Ice coolers filled with Ice, cutlery, plates, glasses and serving dishes for us to use?

Yes, when you hire Junk Only we still provide eskies filled with Ice, cutlery, glasses and plates for you to use. 

What happens if we don’t fill the suggested capacity of the Junk?

All bookings are required to spend the minimum of HKD$9750 (15 people). After the minimum number of people is reached, all other persons are charged on a per head basis.

What is the capacity of your junks?

 Currently we have licence to carry up to 40 people on our Junks. At present we cannot legally accommodate any more. One of our Junks is also a perfect size for the smaller groups of up to 30 people.

Are you limited only to the destinations shown?

We believe we have a very wide range of the most popular and beautiful destinations Hong Kong has to offer. However, if you would like to tailor make a trip please get in contact with us on and we would be happy to see if we could help.

How long does it take in transit time if being picked up in Central heading to South Bay ?

1 hour, each way.

Where is the exact pier pick up point in Aberdeen?

Kwun Hoi Path. (Aberdeen Tennis and Squash Court)


When do we need to decide which destination we would like to go to?

You can let us know in advance of your destination or alternatively you can let the Captain know as soon as you get on board where you would like to go. Any persons wishing to go to Sai Kung, please let us know when making the booking. 

Does your Menu cater for vegetarians?

Yes. In the online booking request you can specify how many vegetarians will be on your Junk Cruise and any other special requirements you may have.

Can we make changes to your menu to suit our needs?

You can can request some changes to our menu if you have any allergies or specific requirements, however we cant taylor make the menu on a individual basis.